Benefits for Key Players at Every Step of the Delivery Chain

Key players along the journey, from purchase to delivery and installation, see the value in only hiring CODE Certified Last-Mile Delivery Personnel.


Don’t risk losing a customer at the very last step of the transaction. That last point of contact matters when building loyalty to your business.

Insurance Companies

Offering CODE Certified Training as a part of your insurance policy can result in less claims and damages paid. Or Offer incentives to companies that hire CODE certified delivery personnel siting the reduced risk of claims.

Distribution/Logistics companies

Consistent quality of service makes all the difference to your clients. They expect exceptional results, and CODE certification can help deliver those results.

Delivery Providers

Having CODE Certification on your resume shows that you’re trained to deliver white-glove service, which gives employers confidence in hiring you to represent their brand.


CODE training can result in:

  • Consistency in quality of service to customers
  • Reduced risk of insurance claims
  • Standardized high level of knowledge & trouble-shooting skills
  • Confidence of safety and compliance
  • Building customer relationships
  • Repeat sales and referrals

Hiring contractors for the most time-consuming and expensive stage of the shipping process can seem risky. They’re not your employees so how do you know they’re qualified to do the job right and deliver exceptional service to your customer?

What if you only hired CODE trained Contractors?