Building Trust and Providing Service with Patricia Corrigan Johnston (#15)

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Podcast


With more distractions on the road than ever, a lot of businesses need advice and help with protecting themselves from liability and claims. On today’s episode I talk with Patricia Corrigan Johnston, founder and President of Corrigan Johnston Risk Advisors, Inc., an agency specializing in providing insurance products and risk management services for final mile delivery, moving and storage, and auto dealership industries. We get into being a female leader in a male-dominated industry, how she maintains long relationships with clients, and how she advises business on how they can protect themselves. 

We discuss:

  • Patty’s journey into the insurance industry 
  • What made her want to open her own insurance agency
  • Why having a full-time risk manager is seen less and less and how this affects her business
  • Finding her niche in the final mile, moving and storage, auto dealership industries
  • Helping organize and start the women’s council with the NHDA
  • How her company does much more than sell insurance
  • The most frequent area businesses are leaving themselves open for liability or claims
  • Social inflation and how it is affecting claims and payouts
  • What her company does for clients to make sure they are covered for the unique aspects of their business 
  • How her company differentiates itself from others in the insurance world
  • A shift in the final mile industry to dropped deliveries due to the pandemic
  • The hardest lesson Patty has had to learn in her career
  • And more!