Successful Leadership with Ed Eppley (#14)

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Podcast


Whether you currently lead a team or are part of the team itself, strong leadership is essential to build successful business. On today’s episode, I invite Ed Eppley to talk about his journey as a lifelong entrepreneur and how he helps owners and​ ​organizations apply systems to identify problems and improve their workplace. Join us as we get into how to recognize and understand common issues that could be affecting your business and the things you can do to find balance and create a culture of success.

We discuss:

  • Ed’s realization that management was not for him and his journey into consulting
  • The MOST POWERFUL thing you can be good at as a leader and why it’s so important
  • A common mistake many leaders make that could be holding you back (and how to fix
  • The primary cause for someone leaving an organization
  • If natural born leaders exist and if they can be built
  • The TOP 3 business practices for managers and leaders to implement to see success
  • Healthy side versus smart side of business and scaling profitably
  • Why you are unique but your business’s issues aren’t
  • Ed’s advice for young leaders and the ONE thing to become a master of
  • And more!