Standing Out in the Delivery Industry with Steven Seltzer (#13)

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Podcast


Steven Seltzer, president and owner of Comet Delivery Services, has seen it all in his many years in the delivery industry. His business has been recognized as an industry leader and innovator of customized delivery schedules. On today’s show we talk through family business, employee motivation, and how he found success in this dynamic and evolving industry. 

We discuss:

  • The 3 divisions of Steven’s business and the various industries they serve
  • Leaving his construction job to take over the family business and growing it from half a dozen accounts to thousands
  • How he manages family life while running a family business and creating a healthy separation
  • The BIGGEST way Comet stand out in an industry with so much competition
  • How Steven motivates and retains his employees 
  • His favorite tip for dealing with customer complaints
  • The biggest obstacle that gets in the way in his business and how he works through it
  • A HUGE delivery story involving Sea World
  • Steven’s advice for success in the business world
  • Where the industry is going next and how technology will play a role
  • And more!