Protection and Safety in the Transportation Industry with Attorney David Smith (#10)

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Podcast


In every industry there is an element of legal risk. For couriers and regional delivery companies, this risk can be quite a unique blend. And in a world where delivery is driving business forward in a new way, it’s important to keep these delivery companies secure so they can continue to provide their essential services. On today’s episode, I welcome attorney David W. Smith as he shares his experience in the niche of transportation law and the important business practices and policies for transportation providers to consider to protect themselves from potential losses and claims.

We discuss:

  • Why outside training and resources are so important in this industry.
  • Topics to consider when negotiating a contract with a customer. 
  • The BIGGEST red flag for a courier using a contractor model. 
  • David’s biggest piece of advice when dealing with an independent contractor lawsuit.  
  • The TOP things to have in place to avoid potential losses and claims.
  • An interesting idea for policy change regarding independent contractor law and what you could be doing to help!
  • The most important things to look out for in broker agreements to protect your long term success. 
  • And more!