The Evolution of Home-Delivery with Donald E. Staniszewski (#9)

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Podcast


Donald E. Staniszewski, Vice President and Owner of Pillar Logistics, is no stranger to the industry; he has spent most of his adult life in home delivery and logistics. He has seen it evolve over the years and has continued to evolve with it and today he shares his immense knowledge and insights from his years of experience. We discuss some major issues of the industry, the importance of engaged and involved management teams, and how he keeps his drivers motivated to provide the excellence retailers need in a world with increasing home-delivery demand. 

We get into:

  • The recruiting struggle and the importance of trust in the employer/employee relationship. 
  • How being involved at the grass-roots level has benefited him and his company.
  • Home delivery as an essential piece of a retailer’s branding and how that affects the industry. 
  • The National Home Delivery Association, its purpose and Donald’s role in its creation. 
  • His belief that personal interaction is more important than trucking operations.
  • A personal story from Donald about customer complaints. 
  • Where the industry is going next and how technology will play a role.
  • And more!