Making Room for Herself at the Table with Lorena Camargo (#8)

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Podcast


Breaking the glass ceiling as a Latin American entrepreneur, Lorena Camargo talks with us about her inspiring story of saying yes to opportunity and founding Pearl Transportation and Logistics at the early age of 24. On today’s episode, we talk through her challenges as a young, Latina woman and how she continues to “find another way.” Join us as Lorena demonstrates that it pays off to be the underdog and that no one can tell you where you belong, you decide that for yourself.  

We discuss:

  • The “one call does it all” strategy as customer needs grew.
  • Reframing her thoughts around challenges and nerves and still showing up.
  • Mindset that you deserve a seat at the table!
  • Her breakthrough moment when she forced herself to say yes to opportunity.
  • Creating a separate division in her business for the IVF sector.
  • Learning to adapt with the industry changes and staying motivated.
  • And more!