Delivery is Not Logistics, It’s Customer Service with Luisa Solana (#4)

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Podcast


You know what you can do. You know what you’re good at. Now’s the time to ask for it! Change is inevitable and you need the passion and obsession for service to weather it and take control of it. Today we sit with the inspirational Luisa Solana, one of the founding women of NHDA’s Women’s Council and with her deep understanding of the entire Enterprise offerings she is a strong partner for companies such as JB Hunt and Best Buy. In today’s episode, she shares her story on how communication and interpretation played major roles in her career advancement.

We will discuss:

  • Who is truly the customer at the door.
  • Getting out of your own mind and reaching for it.
  • How men and women interpret things differently.
  • Reaching a little further and creating your own opportunities.
  • And more!