Women in Trucking with Ellen Voie (#3)

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Podcast


That semi-truck next to you on the highway, is it possible that it’s a strong, intelligent FEMALE at the helm? Yes it is, and let me tell you – my feminist side drank it all up in this episode. Today, I speak with Ellen Voie, founder of Women in Trucking and champion for creating more opportunities for females in the industry.

We go over:

  • The goal to increase the number of women in the trucking industry.
  • Creating an association dedicated to the community and highlighting women’s accomplishments in the industry.
  • Advocacy for members and creating a culture of support.
  • Innovative ideas like Claire the Truck Driver Doll and the Girl Scout Transportation Patch.
  • Scholarship programs and free counseling to assist and encourage women entering this male dominated industry.