Female Leadership and Family Business with Julie Thomas (#1)

by | May 21, 2020 | Podcast


The scarcity of women in leadership roles is a widely identified concern. We almost accept it as a fact of the business world. But there are opportunities to break those barriers and to use our experience and skills to gain access to positions of power. In today’s episode, I talk with Julie Thomas, President of Priority Logistics Group and it’s subsidiaries and we discuss surviving family business and being a female in a male-oriented business environment.

We go over:

  • Communication differences and gender roles in business.
  • Julie’s experience in social work and how that skill helped her thrive in her industry.
  • Outsourcing mentality and the difficulty for most business owners.
  • The culture of a third generation family business.
  • Advice to succeed in a male-oriented workplace.
  • Creating a healthy business relationally as well as financially.
  • And more!